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Wednesday 13 Jan 2021, 10am-6pm GMT+3


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Explore Qatar Foundation's Pre-University Education (PUE) ecosystem from the comfort of your home

  • Click and meet representatives from 15 schools and experts from our specialized departments and centers
  • Choose from 10 webinars to learn more about our diverse educational landscape
  • Hear from our successful alumni and how they are still connected to our PUE community
  • Discover how we cultivate your child’s talents and capabilities to realize their unique potential
  • Find out from our specialists how we help your child grow intellectually, socially and emotionally
  • Learn how we build and empower a diverse community and preserve our Qatari culture and values

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(GMT +3)

Discover PUE officially opens

Time to kick things off! Attend the live presentations, explore the exhibition hall, or chat with our staff.

The first live session kicks off at 10:00am GMT +3. Each live-streamed session will be recorded and available to anyone who has registered for the event from 13 January until the 13 February 2021.

(GMT +3)

PUE Ecosystem and Synergies

 Stuart Leeming

(GMT +3)

The Academic Bridge Program, and Qatar Leadership Academy
Asmaa Al Qaysi
Khaled Kasab
Hisham M. EL-Basher
Iman Haiman Bakir Sudki
Mohamed Al-Qassabi

 11:30am -12:00pm
(GMT +3)

The Courage to Re-invent Education
Maryam Al Hajri

(GMT +3)

Understanding Gifted Education: A Parent’s Guide
Cynthia Bolton

(GMT +3)

Towards an Inclusive, Accessible, and Sustainable Post-COVID19 World
Mark Hughes
Dr. Tracy Hardister
Matthew P. Campion

(GMT +3)

Parents as Partners
Yara Al Darwish
Ghoroor Ahmed

(GMT +3)

QAST: Reshaping STEM Learning in Qatar
Dr. Gregory Moncada
Samuel Abrams
Vaughan Lewis

(GMT +3)

Why the IB in QF Schools?
Ghada Hadad
Rula M. Al Atawneh

(GMT +3)

Student Panel Discussion: My QF School
Fatima El Mahdi
and QFS students

(GMT +3)

Panel Discussion: QF Schools alumni
Dana Abu Shanab
and QFS Alumni

(GMT +3)

Discover PUE ends at 6pm GMT +3

Participating Schools and Centers

Frequently Asked Questions

This event is for parents, carers, educators, QF employees, and anyone who wishes to know more about Qatar Foundation’s Pre-University Education.
  • Browse through 19 booths and 10 webinars.
  • Chat directly with representatives from our schools, in addition to the following specialized PUE departments and centers: Education Development Institute (EDI), Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, The Learning Center (TLC), THIMUN Qatar, Admissions, and the PUE Academic Affairs department, which includes co-curricular activities, extra mural activities, and gifted student support.
  • Attend live webinars and ask our educators about the many diverse facets of PUE’s unique ecosystem. Topics include inclusive learning models, IB, dual language, progressive education, parental engagement, and many more.
No. You only need to have access to the internet. You will have the option to video chat with some of our schools, centers, and department representatives and students, but a webcam is not required in order to participate.
All attendees are required to register for the event via the V-Fairs registration page at You will then receive an email confirming your registration for the event, which will include your login details for the day. You may login and out as many times as you wish throughout the day. It is recommended that you register prior to the day of the event in case there are technical difficulties on the day.
It is a good idea to review the timetable above and take a note of the times for the webinars that you want to attend on the day. If you forget, don’t worry, your log in details will be valid until 13 February 2021 to catch up and listen to the recordings later at your leisure.

You do not need to register for the live events. Just click on the Auditorium and click on the webinar you want to attend. If it is available, you will be able to go straight in, if not, you will be informed how long until it starts.
You will be able to talk directly to representatives from our schools and specialized departments and centers to find out how our inclusive learner-centric models help your child grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.
Yes! We tried to schedule this event for an optimal day and time but understand that your schedule may not allow you to attend. The webinars will be recorded and made available to anyone who has registered for the event from 13 January until the 13 February 2021.
Send an email to for any technical assistance or visit the virtual information desk in the lobby of the event.
Absolutely. We are counting on you to invite others! Help us spread the word. You can simply share the link to this page, and they can register at their convenience.